Meet The Team
  • Jennifer Abraham
    Business Owner

    Jennifer was raised in Central Texas and has always loved animals. She has a Bachelors Degree in Media/Communication from Texas A&M Corpus. As she found more and more of her free time being spent with dogs, she decided to make her hobby her business. She quit her corporate job with Fox Sports in Houston and returned to Salado in 2008 with the idea of opening The Dog Spot. With the help of close friends and family she was able to create the shop that now exists. The business has been so successful that we are in hopes of expanding to a second property. Jennifer is married to her husband John and has two children along with her dogs, Gunner and Belle, as well as their cat Blu.

Our Grooming Team

  • Kay
    Lead Groomer

    Meet our Lead groomer Kay. Kay is from Atlanta, TX and has been with us since the very beginning in 2010. She is an avid animal lover and has volunteered in animal rescue. Kay has almost a decade of experience grooming all sorts of dogs. Kay is known for her patience. She will spend all the time needed to make your dog beautiful in a loving and caring way.

  • Rachel

    Meet our groomer Rachel. Rachel grew up in Phelps, NY where she was raised on her family's dairy farm. She now lives here with her husband and three dogs. Rachel has always loved animals and dreamed of becoming a dog groomer. When she arrived here she decided to take the opportunity to follow her dream. Rachel has been grooming at The Dog Spot for over a year and has shown her natural talent by her ability to work with any type of breed.

  • Maddie

    Maddie is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and recently moved to Texas after marrying her husband who is in the military. She has 3 "fur kids" a husky named Xander, a chihuahua named Taco, and a horse named Teddy. Maddie started a job as a dog bather in 2013 for a local grooming salon, that's where her passion for grooming started. After graduating high school maddie went on to grooming school in 2015 where she became a licensed dog groomer. She has worked under a master groomer and was also the head groomer at the salon she worked at in PA. Besides grooming dogs Maddie also spent her time training horses back in Pennsylvania and hopes to start doing the same here in Texas.

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