Jennifer Abraham

Business Owner

Jennifer was raised in Central Texas and has always loved animals. As she found more and more of her free time being spent with dogs, she decided to make her hobby her business. She quit her corporate job in Houston and returned to Salado in 2008 with the idea of opening The Dog Spot. With the help of God, close friends and family she was able to create the shop that exists today. The business has been so successful that The Dog Spot opened their expanded location in 2019. Jennifer is married to her husband John and has two children along with her dogs, Lulu and Belle,  and her cat Snax.

Our Admin Team



Born and raised in Texas, Casey found her love for animals started off at an early age. As a little girl, she brought home many strays whom she fed and then rehomed. After high school, Casey moved to Pflugerville where she worked two jobs, one as a kennel tech and the other as a manager of a humane society. Years later she was blessed with a daughter Rayleigh, who also shares the same love for animals as her mother. Casey came to The Dog Spot in July of 2019 and is now our general manager. When she is not giving her all to her job, she enjoys spending time with her daughter Rayleigh, dog Saus, cat Chloe and bearded dragon Brando “The bearded Mando”.


Daycare Coordinator

Jess was born and raised in Satellite Beach Florida where she cultivated a love for all animals. Growing up Jess loved interacting with local marine life and caring for her family pets. She moved to Texas in 2018 where she started school for veterinary technician. Later deciding kennel and daycare work was where she was happiest. She enjoys her off time with her staffy Cara, or as many know him, Poopy, and her cat, Baba Yaga.

Our Grooming Team


Lead Groomer

Meet our Lead groomer Kay. Kay is from Atlanta, TX and has been with us since the very beginning in 2010. She is an avid animal lover and has volunteered in animal rescue. Kay has a decade of experience grooming all sorts of dogs. Kay is known for her patience. She will spend all the time needed to make your dog beautiful in a loving and caring way.



Meet our groomer Rachel. Rachel grew up in Phelps, NY where she was raised on her family’s dairy farm. She now lives here with her husband and three dogs. Rachel has always loved animals and dreamed of becoming a dog groomer. When she arrived here she decided to take the opportunity to follow her dream. Rachel has been grooming at The Dog Spot for over five years and has shown her natural talent by her ability to work with any type of breed.



Meet Christine, she is from NJ and moved to Texas with her horse Cookie, who is a Clydesdale cross. She has been grooming for 8 years. She loves going to different pet expo and dog shows to enhance her knowledge in grooming and styling different breeds.

Christine also has been a certified and NJ registered veterinary technician for 25 years with a college degree. She has worked with many different animals. She has spent her whole life dedicated to all animals and loves it.



Meet one of our groomers, David! He recently moved here from California with his standard poodle, two pit mixes, and old grumpy tabby cat. He has always had a big heart for all animals, from furry to scaly. There isn’t an animal he’s met that he hasn’t loved! David has been grooming dogs since 2016 and could not imagine doing anything different. It is his passion and it shows in his work. He loves working with all breeds and sizes.