Half Day (up to 4 hours)          $15.00

Full Day                                   $25.00

Week (10 full days)                 $200



Small                           $20

Medium                      $25

Large                           $30

X-Large                        $35

Great Pyrenees           $40

Lab/Golden Doodle     $40

Nail Trim                     $10

Nail Grind                    $15

De-Shed                       $15



Small Dog: $20 Regular/ $22 Standard/ $23 Suite/ $28 Deluxe

Medium Dog: $23 Regular/$25 Standard $26 Suite/ $31 Deluxe or Cottage

Large Dog: $26 Regular/ $28 Standard/ $29 Suite/ $34 Deluxe or cottage

X-Large Dog: $29 Regular/ $31 Standard/ $32 Suite/ $37 Deluxe or Cottage

Cats: $20     Cat Share: $30

Boarding drop off times are from 12-5pm

*Fee of $15 applied to early drop offs*


Boarding pick up times are from 8-12pm

*Fee of $15 applied to late pick-ups*


All prices are subject to change.

Reasonable notice is essential for schedule changes.

If your dog is ill, please call us the morning of the scheduled appointment to cancel.

A charge will not be made for your dog’s absence if proper notification is given.

*Hours of services are flexible*

Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo, & Rabies vaccines required



Grooming Prices:

All grooms include a shampoo with our premium shampoos, a therapeutic conditioning cream, nail grind, brush, blow out, cut, style and perfume. External anal glands are done upon request.

All small grooms START at $55. Large grooms START at $65.

Doodles START at $85. Cocker Spaniels START at $60.

Add teethbrushing for $10


*Prices are subject to change due to de-matting, bite fees, or breed*