All dogs that board with us get a minimum of 3 to 4 play times a day. Playtime is performed according to personality type. We have the option of group playtime for our more rambunctious dogs, as well as for our more quiet dogs that prefer to just stretch their legs. Private playtime is also available free of charge.

Types of rooms we offer:

Dog Cottage: This room is a little more private and is perfect for nervous dogs and jumpers. The cottage includes a private climate controlled room with a dog door that accesses their own private covered patio. The patio is fenced in from floor to ceiling, making it very secure.

Deluxe Suite: This is our largest room available and is located in our new addition! The deluxe includes a private climate controlled room with a dog door that accesses it’s own private yard. This room is great for large dogs and families. The private yard gives plenty of room to enjoy the sunshine between play times.

Suite: The suite is our most popular room. This room is similar to the deluxe, just on a smaller scale. All suites include a private room with a window/dog door that enters into it’s own private yard. Each private yard is 50 sq./ft. and is covered with a sunshade to help during the summer heat.

Standard: Our largest indoor only room available. These rooms are placed in our new addition! All of our standard rooms are a beautiful tempered glass with white panel dividers, providing plenty of light. All dogs staying in the standard rooms get taken outside multiple times a day to play. Group play is available free of charge as long as your pup plays well with others.

Regular: The regular room is our inside only option and consists of a private tiled room. These rooms are great for dogs who prefer the indoors. The doors to our rooms have windows so dogs have the ability to see across to the outside. All dogs staying in regular rooms get taken outside multiple times a day and small dogs may have the option of playing in the daycare room during the day.