Our name may be The Dog Spot, but we have plenty of room for our feline friends as well!!

Introducing Bell County’s very own Cattery! Our cattery includes private cat condos that can be opened to your kitties very own play paradise. We will have plenty of fun things for your kitty to do during the day, from hanging cat swings, to trees to climb. They will even have access to our cat walk and draw bridge! Rest comfortably knowing that your kitty is having just as much fun on vacation as you are.

Does your cat like a little more privacy? We have custom cat condos that are made specifically to keep our kitty’s happy and entertained. Each condo starts at the floor and reaches all the way to the ceiling. They are all unique with different levels and ladders to climb on. Each condo also has its own window that looks out into our grooming shop, providing our kitties with the option of watching all the goings on of the day.