At The Dog Spot we take grooming from a different angle. We are not the in and out type of shop. We strive not only to make our clients happy but we also want our dogs to leave happy as well. We want The Dog Spot to be the type of place your dog gets excited about!!! All our grooming is cage-free.

Grooming dogs are more then welcome to play in our daycare room or enjoy a private suite/room while they wait their turn. We groom slow, take our time and give the dogs plenty of breaks. For this reason we do many less dogs in a day then some groomers. We strive for quality over quantity and believe it shows in our work.
Our Dog Spot groomers have years of experience and can give your pup the style that he or she needs. All our grooms consist of a shampoo with one of our premium shampoos, a conditioner, blow dry, nail grind and the cut and style of your choice. Along with a perfume. All of our grooms are totally inclusive.

The only extra charges would be for extra de-matting or a bite fee. We book up fast so be sure the schedule your appointment soon!

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